🎮Game Modes

Our battlefields will have various GAME MODES for our Ftribe Fighters to join in, such as:

Battle Royal (live)

Our fighters will join the Battle Royal matches with 3 game TYPES:

a. Solo (live)

b. Duos (live)

c. Squad (live)

Players will participate in max 16 players per match. Each match will last around 5 minutes. Players will try their best to survive and become the last man standing in each match. Note: the boundary will be getting smaller after every short period and players should avoid being left out in the forcefield as soon as they can, or they will be eliminated.

There will be secret boxes to supply ammo, health, armor and lot of monsters to collect bomb, exclusive guns after killed them to increase the chances of winning in the game.

Death Match (coming soon)

Tower Defense (coming soon)

and more to come

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