🪙DeFi Platform

All features of DeFi platform include DEX, Staking, Farming, Add Liquidity, and upcoming Wallet.

Players will receive more help to optimize the DeFi platform, earn passive income, get more tokens and items for their characters, and a lot more features in the Ftribe ecosystem:

🎯 Deep liquidity DEX, once again, understanding players, Ftribe team creates DEX floor with deep liquidity, lowest slippage for F2C, FMC transactions without leaving the Ftribe ecosystem.

🎯 Staking and Farming: Ftribe team creates multiple pools, increasing liquidity for F2C tokens and FMC tokens, also enabling staking and farming packages for players to receive more passive income from the DeFi platform.

🎯 Wallet: Upcoming Wallet features to allow our players (non-crypto and crypto) can easily trade token, NFT items in Ftribe ecosystem.

🎯 Launchpad: Launching the launchpad for game projects belongs to the future Ftribe Fighters ecosystem.

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