Place of Birth: Hauterives, France.

Real Name: Mickael โ€˜โ€™Mikeโ€™โ€™ Dubois

Sociological/Personal: French soldier, formerly in the French Foreign Legion, specialized as a demolitions expert. Coming from a modest background, he acquired his knowledge by working underground in the mines of Saint-Etienne, while also supporting and providing for his parents and many siblings. He originally began a Doctorโ€™s degree in Geology before enlisting in the Legion and fighting in Operation Barkhane for 8 years. As a soldier, he was often tasked with the hardest missions, infiltrating behind enemy lines and sabotaging key targets before leaving without a trace. His hobbies include anything regarding explosives and managing his familyโ€™s restaurant in Saint-Etienne.

Psychological/Private: Despite being very quirky and eccentric due to his skillset, he is very loyal and respectful of hierarchy due to his time in the military and stressful upbringing.

In-game special ability: Invisibility mode with increased speed while activated. Become invisible in 4 seconds. Speed up by 50% while being invisible. Cooldown: 15s.

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