Place of birth: Okinawa, Japan.
Real Name: Tyson Kenichi Jackson
Sociological/Personal: Japanese-American boxer/fighter. He gained a strong base of street knowledge due to growing up with mixed origins in many low-class neighborhoods and his parents traveling around different military bases, along with his temper that got him involved in countless fights. He has black belts in shotokan and kyokushin karate.
Beyond his impressive physical attributes, he’s also well educated with a degree in civil engineering because his parents wanted him to be both strong and smart enough to take care of himself and his community.
Psychological/Private: His youthful arrogance means he will often crack jokes and make sarcastic comments towards friends or foes in the heat of battle. He isn’t as talkative and laid back outside of battle. He has trouble making new friends due to being very reserved and distrustful towards strangers.
In-game special ability: Dash. Dash forward and attack his enemy with his sword. Damage: 20 dmg, with the amount increasing depending on his melee. Range: increase depend on his melee. Cooldown: 15s.
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