💎Clash of Ftribe

Clash of Ftribe is coming soon late May 2022

Ftribe ecosystem is not only built by a team of traditional game developers but also includes seasoned blockchain experts who have been involved in or are currently developing some of the industry's earliest infrastructure. With DeFi proven to be one of the first genuine use cases of blockchain technology, we believe gaming is the next big revolution.

The feature of blockchain and NFT will solve some of the problems present in traditional games such as provable ownership and transfer of items to any wallet address and game in the same ecosystem. Not only that, instead of having to pay the game company for entertainment or having to see annoying ads, players can now make money from their own games and activities.

Within the next few years, blockchain gaming is sure to explode and gain its place in the overall gaming market, especially mobile games where the traditional audience of gamers joins - people who stick with the game because of their interest in the gameplay and gameplay.

As a late-born, there are many disadvantages when the NFT Game industry goes through an exciting season, but Ftribe team has learned from the token and ROI problems faced by previous NFT Games. With a balanced algorithm written by leading experts, Ftribe team has an earning mechanism with reasonable ROI for the long run.

📩 Revealing some important information

  1. Clash of Ftribe is designed to become a major supply NFT source for Ftribe Fighters (MOBA) players to equip their characters.

  2. Box Store will not open in the future. Players have to buy NFT items from Marketplace.

  3. In May 2022, players can buy NFT Boxes on 03 launchpads with limited drop (Binance NFT, Liquidifty and UltiArena).

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