⚠️Box Store

Box Store where initial supporters can buy the first box launch to get more advantages

Ftribe team was released the first box launch in our Box Store. This is the first and the only time that we sell boxes in Box Store. Players can buy Boxes from exclusive launchpads as Binance NFT, Liquidifty, UltiArena within May 2022.

💡 How to buy NFT items after May 2022?

From our new feature, Clash of Ftribe, is an Idle Game of Ftribe ecosystem that will be released in late May 2022.

The game is set up so that players can stake their NFTs in our NFT factories, which we call villages, and earn new appropriate NFT after a certain amount of time. They can also arm their heroes with these NFTs in order to infiltrate other villages and increase their NFT production. These new NFTs that are being minted in the villages will be a major supply source for Ftribe Fighters players to equip their heroes. Players who earn through winning each game need to acquire these weapons and items from the marketplace.

Our goal is to hand over control of the entire NFT production process to our players, who will then decide on a fair price for those NFTs.

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